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What Are The Different (and best) Puppy and Dog Training Methods (ebook)

  • What Are The Different (and best) Puppy and Dog Training Methods
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Dog training is an investment when the companion dog owner’s goals are realized. When they imagine sharing their lives with a dog in my experience, most are not looking for “Lassie” or a robotic companion. They typically want a dog that is civilized in and outside of the home. A dog that can be relied on when asked to exert self-control regardless of distractions independent of special treats or devices.

They want their dog to be able to go with them from everything to the corner store to day trips to vacations. They want their dog to be a warm ambassador whenever guests come to visit, and they want the day to day rhythm of household goings-on not to be further complicated just because there's a dog as part of the household.


Where dog training becomes an expense is when even after training the dog’s owner still finds that still, after walking their dog, one arm has been stretched slightly longer than the other. They have a dog more interested in them with a treat than without or need special apparatuses to keep the dog from physically overwhelming them.

It is extremely rare to find companion dog owners that discovered their dog training dollars resulted in an outcome that reflected their original hopes.

There are a few reasons for this. Sometimes people are not well matched to their dog from a handling ability or a lifestyle perspective. Sometimes the dog doesn’t have the most stable bloodlines. Sometimes the dog is carrying baggage imprinted early in life. Almost always though, and even with these factors in mind, it is the approach to training from the perspective of method and content.

Making Sure Your Training Time and Money Is An Investment

Dog training is an entirely unregulated industry where people are free to move from selling shoes one day to next day advertising themselves as a dog trainer, master trainer, canine behaviorist, etc.

Dog trainers all too often make whatever claims they wish about experience and expertise. They can and do pay for testimonials, google ratings, and facebook likes.

The good news is that there are some fantastic companion dog trainers out there and this little booklet is an everything you need to know beforehand primer on how to find the training that will best help both you and your companion dog live as fully as possible.

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