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The Five Most Common Presa Canario Mistakes (How To Avoid Them and End Up With Your Dream Dog)(ebook)

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Realities and Myths

Some breeds of dogs are mini-vans and others are Ferraris. The Presa Canario is no mini-van. The males slightly more intense sometimes, but male or female, the breed should almost be considered more a hobby than a pet. In the right hands, they are fantastic dogs. In the wrong hands, they can become much more so like guns with brains.

That said, most of the myths regarding the Presa Canario are just that, myths. They aren’t ‘stubborn’. They don’t take years before they “settle down”. They don’t “only listen to men”. They can come when called, stay and heel - No Matter What. You don’t need treats (or ‘Might Is Right’) to train them, etc.

Rather than any inherent failure in the overall breed’s genetic proclivities, the things they typically have negative ‘reputations’ for have far more to do with these two factors:

1.How careful their breeders have been with the genetics they are working with before they selected a breeding pair as well as how they handled the puppies up until they were sold

2.Whether they find themselves in a mini-van vs a Ferrari capable home. 

Raising and training a great Presa Canario is a bit like realism painting. If you want to end up with an image that best represents what you have in your mind’s eye, you need to paint with all the colors, not just the ones you like or are convenient. Trust me when I say, the Presa Canario is often one of those breeds that needs a few more colors in the palette.

As a result, they do far better with well-informed, diligent teachers. Regardless of the level of our intellect and potential, we (all higher order social species) have teachers when we’re growing up so that we learn how to exert self-control when our ‘urges’ are triggered. We are also diligently supervised from birth to adulthood. Not to wreck our freedom but to wreck our freedom to make mistakes. The Presa Canario is one of those breeds that needs and benefits from considerable guidance as it matures lest it lose its way.

This booklet is intended to provide some direction so you can provide that direction for your Presa Canario and so your Presa Canario can grow up to fulfill his or her potential, be a fantastic canine companion and always be an excellent ambassador for the Presa Canario breed.

Problems develop (and this booklet shows you how to avoid these common pitfalls) when:

1.Dog owners are exposed during their puppy’s mouthing period to the popular but incorrect advice on how to respond. (Hint, it’s not redirect with a treat or a toy, nor is it clocking the dog.)

2.Dogs are exposed to one of the many fraudulent puppy socialization classes as opposed to implementing a legitimate socialization strategy during the dog’s critical imprinting period. It’s called critical for a reason.

3.Their significant puppy cuteness (baby schema) distracts some puppy owners from developing a useful (and necessary) teacher/student or parent/child relationship. In many cases this leads the dog into believing the relationship they have with their owner is more as roommates or them as the ‘golden grandchild’ making if far more difficult to guide them without bribery (or threats) when it becomes necessary and it will become necessary. The good news is you don’t have to love your dog less, but they do need to know and be reminded from time to time as to who is living in whose home.

4.Training ideologies such as ‘Might Is Right' but more commonly the highly flawed 'All Positive/Purely Positive/Force-Free' are used as opposed to legitimate behavior modification science. The first is fear/intimidation based, the second is dependent on addicting a dog to treats. Train by aiming at the tummy of the only species bred to love humans and you’re missing the best part of having a dog.

5.There is a failure to consider and plan for what and when the dog is exposed to known negative behavior influencers between puppyhood and adulthood when the owner is unavailable to formally guide the dog. 

In this booklet you will learn to protect your Presa Canario from these common early relationship and training pitfalls that often result in the loss of the inclusive lifestyle most people envision and hope for when they decide to include a dog in their lives.

Good Luck,

John 'Ask The Dog Guy' Wade

Embracing Science and Common Sense

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