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Prepare Your Dog for Your Baby - (Soundtrack of Baby Crying)

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Product Description

Why do all the baby books say that in order to prepare a dog for a baby's arrival you should carry a baby doll around during your pregnancy? Or suggest that sniffing the baby's blanket will somehow impact the dog's behavior around babies? The truth is that baby dolls are made of the same material as a dog toy and even though a dog's nose is a pretty powerful organ, sniffing a blanket is no more going to effectively impact its behavior when the baby comes in any more then our seeing the ultrasound image is going to prepare us for labour or the baby's impact on our lives. Dogs need much more realistic and extensive experience then that. This audio sound track of the highest quality of babies crying played throughout your pregnancy is intended to provide true desensitization value for at least one of the factors that a new baby adds to the household dynamic. Don't forget to also order the companion book - How to Prepare Your Dog for Your Baby - to learn other realistic strategies to minimize risk and maximize the enjoyment of sharing a household with a dog and a baby.

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