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Cane Corso Training

A Cane Corso is by 18 months of age stronger than the average person. They have four wheel drive, four on the floor and a low center of gravity that makes them the H1 Hummer Alpha of the dog world. One of their pounds or kilograms is equal to three of ours. It's no coincidence that it is at that age that I start getting calls from people needing help with their dog. When their body muscles kick in, their ear muscles turn off.

In all training, not just Cane Corso training there are many factors contributing to teaching a dog to do the most important 3 things any dog can learn:

  1. "Come" - No matter what!
  2. "Stay" - No matter what!
  3. "Heel" - No matter what!

Not just for safety but because doing those three things  "No matter what!" will allow you to take your Cane Corso more places and to do more things. People often end up leaving their Cane Corso behind because they have to not because they want to. Training matters and training tools matter.

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