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Ask the Dog Guy Telephone Consult

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I receive a lot of email with questions. More then I can always reply to. Sometimes the answers you're looking for are already on my www.askthedogguy.com website. However, some problems require more detail then I can practically provide by email or in any of my website articles. If you think yours is that sort of problem it's far better to do something one on one by phone or Skype. 

Here are two suggestions:

The first is my dog training ebook The Beautiful Balance - Dog Training with Nature's Template

The second is a phone consult which would take from an hour to an hour and a half for which I charge an hourly rate of $90.00.

At the end of the consult I email you an invoice which you can pay online by bank e-transfer, credit card, PayPal or by mailing a cheque. I’ll need to know in advance what your preference is as if your preference is to pay by credit card I send the invoice via PayPal as they process my credit card transactions. You don’t require an account to pay that way. For the other methods of payments I just send a simple invoice as an attachment via email.

While not absolutely necessary it's best to have everyone that normally interacts with the dog on a day to day basis on a phone. If you use Skype or a similar video chat/conferencing we can meet in that way as well.

Also, not absolutely necessary but sometimes helpful; it can help if you are able to provide video of the area you are having difficulties.

To book a consult send me your preferences regarding day of week and morning/afternoon/evening and I'll do my best to accommodate your schedule.


John Wade

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